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Wound Care

At Rising Integrative Healthcare, one of our specialties includes caring for chronic or non-healing wounds. These wounds are defined as sores or wounds that have not significantly improved from conventional treatments.

Our goal is to optimize your wound care with the most advanced skin substitutes that will give you the best opportunity for healing. Our skin substitutes offer multiple healing properties that help you avoid invasive surgeries, serious pain, or life-altering amputations. Whether your wound is a result of inadequate circulation, poorly functioning veins, diabetes, or immobility, our treatment accelerates the healing process with state-of-the-art medical technology.

Your initial appointment will involve our healthcare provider doing a wellness analysis and diagnostics on your current wound. They will then take photographs of your wound at its current state to document your progress while you receive treatment with us. To determine if any infection or bacteria is present within your wound, labs/tissue cultures will be performed. Compressions may be applied, or offloading braces may be supplied to avoid further complications with your wound site. Our provider will evaluate your individual needs and come up with a treatment plan that best addresses your specific wound.

Our various treatments include skin substitutes and a variety of amniotic bandages. These cutting-edge applications form an antimicrobial barrier that accelerates the healing of wounds and tend to have a much better result than typical wound care.  Skin substitutes give a natural and very low risk solution to diabetic foot ulcers, venous leg ulcers and more. Many of our skin substitutes are human allografts processed from healthy placental tissue. Placental tissue and membrane are known to contain collagen substrates, growth factors and extracellular matrix proteins recognized as part of the complex wound healing process. Other skin substitutes we utilize are composed of dehydrated amniotic membrane allograft to cover and protect patient’s wounded tissues.

We’ve had great success with our wound care treatments. See before and after pictures of successfully healed patients

These before and after photos show the incredible results we are seeing from our treatments. There is a decreased inflammatory response, elimination of infection, granulation of healthy tissue and epithelialization.

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