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Neuropathy Stair Step Process

“Your provider will monitor your progress as you go, making sure that you’re getting the results that you came for and tweaking any treatment as needed.”

When you first visit Rising Integrative Healthcare for neuropathy related symptoms, we will consult with you and conduct a neurological exam to determine the severity of your condition. Should you move forward with neuropathy treatment, our goal is to make the process as easy and comfortable for you as possible. 

For your following visits, which can occur over a period of several months, you will be given neuropathy treatment using our proven stair step process. This will be broken up into two or three visits a week, in sessions that range from 30-45 minutes. Our front desk will patiently work with you to schedule appointments at the times that best suit your busy schedule. 

During the second visit, treatment begins with a vitamin blend injection to help heal your nerves. After the injection, we will use electrical stimulation to increase circulation and guide the nutrients to the nerves. Patients usually find these sessions extremely relaxing and comfortable, with most commenting that they barely feel the injections or electrical stimulation. As the weeks go on, and their nerves begin to heal, the sensations might be more present. 

Every twelfth visit after the initiation of treatment, your care provider will re-examine your condition and evaluate your progress in order to make any necessary updates to your treatment plan. 

After you have completed the scheduled treatment sessions, you will be given a re-examination. Together we will be able to compare the results to your first evaluation and see how far your healing has progressed. A month later, we will follow up with you to determine if any other steps are necessary to ensure your healing continues to advance. 

Our team is committed to your healing so that you can live your life on your own terms again. Are you suffering from neuropathy-related pain, numbness, tingling and burning? Fill out our website form or call us at (252) 321-3579 to schedule a free consultation at one of our two convenient locations.

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