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Knee Issues

“Prior to coming here, it was all I could do to just stand on it. I figured I better try anything I could to alleviate the pain and avoid surgery, and that’s why I came here to this firm. As of today, I’m free of pain.”

The knee is one of the most vital and complex joints in the human body. Healthy knees play a role in most of our daily activities including walking, running, and kicking. Given the frequent use of the knee joint, it is highly susceptible to injury.

Once knee damage and pain become unbearable, many people find themselves faced with expensive surgeries and the need for medications with terrible side effects. These costly and unpleasant solutions often don’t fully resolve a patient’s pain.

At Rising Integrative Healthcare, we help patients avoid costly surgery and the side effects of medications that only mask their symptoms. Our staff will evaluate your individual needs and come up with a treatment plan that best addresses your knee pain.

Once we have evaluated a patient’s x-rays, we employ custom knee braces adjusted specifically to their needs. The braces, combined with viscosupplementation, alleviate pain and decrease friction in the knee. The team at Rising Integrative Healthcare utilizes offloading braces which are a significant improvement over conventional braces. We have had multiple patients stop using a cane and walker on their first visit, simply from wearing their customized braces.

These treatments speed up the healing process in the knee joint. Because of this, patients can see long-lasting relief from their chronic knee pain.

Are you ready to get your life back after suffering from chronic knee pain? Please contact our team today by filling out the form below or by calling our office at (252) 321-3579. Your first step begins with a free consultation at one of our two convenient locations to evaluate your symptoms and determine if we have a suitable treatment to relieve your knee pain.

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Are you ready to live a full, pain-free life again?

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