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Foot & Ankle Issues

I had numbness in both feet. After having this done, I am more mobile. I’ve got 100% feeling in my right foot, and probably 60-70% in my right.”

The ankles and feet literally support us throughout our lives. These important parts of our bodies are incredibly susceptible to physical injury and neuropathy-related symptoms. Patients seek to avoid surgery, not only because of cost but for the sheer inconvenience of not being able to walk during the long healing period that follows. While changing footwear can often improve minor foot and ankle pain, more chronic conditions can become incredibly debilitating, impacting all ages of patients.

At Rising Integrative Healthcare, most of our patients are able to avoid use of common drugs like Gabapentin and Neurontin and their related side effects. When dealing with neuropathy-related issues in the feet, we offer our patients a proprietary vitamin blend that aids healing and repair of damaged nerves.

Electrical stimulation and laser therapy are also used to increase local circulation, allowing oxygen and nutrition deeper into tissues where needed, especially in patients suffering from poor circulation and swelling.

Research shows electro-chemical treatment has over an 80% success rate, with success defined when there is over a 60% improvement in symptoms.

Patients typically see improvement within a few weeks, while some report improvement after one treatment. Noted improvements include decreased pain levels, decreased numbness, sleeping better, and reduction of paresthesias which resembles insects crawling across the skin.

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IV THERAPY - Covered By Most Insurance Plans Including Medicare

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