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Having allergies can play a key role in one’s daily life. Many people have to avoid doing certain activities, going places, or having a pet. Others may miss school or work or have trouble paying attention. And for those with the most severe cases, their allergies may even be life-threatening. Trees, weeds, molds or grasses can sometimes be unavoidable in your daily life, but also can be the cause of your allergy symptoms. Always having a runny nose, nasal congestion or sneezing can be signs that you are encountering an allergen trigger in your day-to-day life. Those aren’t the only symptoms either; you can also experience itchy/watery eyes, sinus pressure, headaches, wheezing, and coughing.

Allergy immunotherapy can help by working with the body’s natural defense system. AIT slowly trains the immune system to be less sensitive to allergens, so that it doesn’t respond too strongly to them. This is done by introducing tiny amounts of the allergen to the body over time, slowly getting the immune system used to the allergen. Then, when the body is exposed to the allergen during normal day-to-day activity, the immune system doesn’t try to attack it. This can mean you or your family member may have fewer allergy symptoms.

Once we have done an evaluation determining the severity of your symptoms, we will perform a short, painless test to determine exactly which environmental allergens effect you the most. We will then have a custom treatment formulated for you to help you defend against those allergens.

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